International Relations: The key concepts

International relations_Nhatbook

Tác giả:              Martin Griffith& Terry O’ Callaghan
Nxb:                   Routledge
Năm xuất bản:  2002
Ngôn Ngữ:        English
Định dạng:        PDF (scan)

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Featuring 150 entries, International Relations: The Key Concepts is the essential guide for anyone interested in international affairs. Comprehensive and up-to-date, it introduces the most important themes in international relations, with an emphasis on contemporary issues.
Entries include:
• diplomacy
• global warming
• terrorism
• human rights
• rogue state
• loose nukes
• United Nations
• security
• arms control
• ethnic cleansing
Offering suggestions for further reading as well as a unique guide to Internet web sites on international relations, this accessible handbook is an invaluable guide to a rapidly expanding field, ideal for the student and non-specialist alike.


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