nhatbook-Sixty days to peace- Walter Scott Dillard-1982

 Sixty days to peace

This is the history of the US Delegation, Four-Part Joint Military Commission, in the Republic of Vietnam, during the final days of the formal American troop commitment in 1973. This is also a study of how US military forces in the combat theater of South Vietnam organized themselves to deal with the enemy to fulfill the requirements of an agreement and series of protocols imperfectly negotiated in Paris. It is a study of accomplishment and failure, quite satisfaction and deep frustration, elation and despair.Significant numbers held advanced degrees from excellent universities in disciplines such as history, international relations, political science, and economics that lent themselves readily to application in Vietnam and the work of the delegation, as well as provided academic depth and background.


Tác giả:     Walter Scott Dillard
Nxb:           National Defense University
Năm:          1982
Ngôn ngữ: English
Định dạng: pdf


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