Góp ý về bài “The Biography of the Hồng Bàng Clan…”


Tác giả: Tạ Chí Đại Trường
Nguồn: www.academia.edu
Năm: N/A
Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Việt
Định dạng: pdf


Lời tóm tắt của Liam C. Kelley:

This is UNEDITED and ORIGINAL text from Tạ Chí Đại Trường that he wrote when he reviewed the manuscript version of an article I wrote. In that draft version, I made a careless mistake about the date when the Lĩnh Nam chích quái was publishes. I fixed that mistake in the text, so when an English translation was made of these comments, that section was omitted. I’m leaving it here, however, so that readers can see more of Tạ Chí Đại Trường’s knowledge about Vietnamese history.

I previously asked (through a mutual acquaintance) for permission from Tạ Chí Đại Trường to make these comments available. I was told that he approved, but I never got around to doing so. Sadly, I recently learned of his passing, and therefore in his honor, and out of sincere gratitude for his comments, I am making them available here now.

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